Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Indefinite Collapse Hypothesis

Putting a long overdue end to questions as to what makes any one country "exceptional" and hence deserving of global hegemony, is critical to the survival of the human species...

It's (almost) July 4th, hence the inevitable question: What Makes America Different? Conveniently, just this morning, Camacho-in-chief prepared a ready answer. The question on the table is what to do when the President goes off his meds on an ever-more frequent basis:

Getting back to the subject of the post, my hypothesis is that junk lifestyles combined with expensive pharmaceuticals, an aging population, and budget reductions will produce nature's solution for "rightsizing" those who've overindulged in the corporate lifestyle and otherwise wed themselves to the indefinite collapse hypothesis...

The Idiocratic hierarchy of needs:

In the days before July 4th Independence Day, the inevitable question - what makes America different? The content of the article in no way answers the question. However, the title itself does - hubris. That's what makes America different at this point in time. Because for starters, no other country in the world asks such an asinine and megalomaniacal question. The question should be posed as - what made America different? And was that "exceptionalism" sustainable, or was it a function of transitory historical factors such as the WWII "dividend", and the all-important reserve currency unlimited line of credit? As someone who has spent half their life in Canada and half in the U.S., I will start by answering the original question in the most constructive way possible - what made/makes America different is its entrepreneurial spirit. However, that same entrepreneurial drive has been systematically bilked and monetized by global corporations and the so-called "deep state" of oligarch-owned political parties that acts on corporate behalf. Now compliments of the 'Citizens United' Supreme Court ruling, without any campaign funding impediment whatsoever.

Ultimately returning to America's entrepreneurial roots while at the same time ensuring prosperity for the people who actually do all of the hard work, is the only viable future. The myth of the lonely entrepreneur is a fucking fantasy that only one country really abides and which is a relic of a bygone era. There are real people behind every successful company who can't be constantly used up and thrown away in the name of ever-more profit. If nothing else, because supply must equal demand.

The question of sustainable competitive advantage is important, not just for the U.S. but for other countries vying to become the next global superpower e.g. China. China has followed in the footsteps of the U.S. with its now-total manufacturing dominance, and yet it too is a country on the verge of collapse. In other words, globalization has enfeebled not only the world's last sole superpower, but ALL of the erstwhile competitors.

Quite simply, because it's a wholly imbalanced system that has separated supply from demand. Somehow both the ascendant Supply Siders and the incumbent Demand Side (Keynesians) were duped by this inherently imbalanced and unhealthy economic ponzi scheme which ended with a loud thud in 2008. Were it not for a "bailout" of capitalism, which de facto proved that there's no such thing anymore and hasn't been for decades, this asinine charade would have ended eight years ago. Add in tens of trillions of printed money and many more trillions of new global ponzi debt and the massive poverty emanating from 2008 yielded to an even bigger ponzi scheme. Or as is universally believed:

"We successfully borrowed our way out of a debt crisis".

The indefinite collapse hypothesis is politically universal:
What is most sadly ironic at this latent asinine juncture, is the political dysfunction in the U.S. which ignores the fact that both "sides" are pretending to have all of the answers, while neither side has any questions. It's hubristic deadlock with neither side willing to blink and finally admit the honest truth - "ok, we're fucking clueless".

Ultimately, no political movement that is propagating and otherwise apologizing for an unhealthy and imabalanced way of life has any right to argue that they have ANY of the answers. Instead they should be looking in the mirror and asking themselves, how much longer before it's my turn to go under the fucking bus. 

That's what comes next. And no, they don't see it coming.