Sunday, June 11, 2017

Au Revoir Lying Psychopaths

"They were deeply worried about Hillary's email security, so they elected Donald Trump to give information directly to the Russians instead..."

There are at least five separate investigations going on as to how Donny Trump & Co. have engaged in various forms of malfeasance. All they needed was someone reading Twitter and parsing 145 characters of totally ludicrous and asinine gibberish...

The only thing Trump and I agree upon is that the Mainstream media have been misreporting the facts. That's where the similarity begins and ends, because for my part they've been vastly understating the extent to which the sociopath-in-chief has been lying...


Where to begin...

"600,000 new jobs added":
It's not the 600k that's the problem, it's the direction of trend...

"Drilling and Energy sector way up"

WTI crude is up 5% since the election, but only at ENORMOUS (rollover) cost to speculators

The U.S. Oil ETF is down -5% since the election to say nothing of the underlying futures losses:

There's always just enough grain of truth in what he says to wrap around your neck and go bungee jumping...

"Drilling way up"

"Drilling way up" being merely an identical repeat of 2015...

Fracking stocks

Junk bonds

Oil services

"Business and economic enthusiasm record levels"

But here is where I got it wrong - it appears that I have been underreporting as well.

Because while the S&P Volatility index hit a new multi-decade low on Friday prior to bouncing, the Nasdaq VIX bottomed three months ago:

"The Fiduciary Rule, finalized under Obama and originally set to take effect earlier this year, seeks to cure this disconnect. All advisers were to be required to put clients first when handling retirement accounts, where the bulk of everyday Americans’ savings reside. But then Donald Trump won the election, and on his 15th day in office, the Republican president ordered the Department of Labor to reconsider" 

"Regulations way down"