Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Moral Bankruptcy Precedes Financial Bankruptcy

The Idiocracy is free-basing Prozac mixed with bullshit. Again...

Tomorrow is the ECB meeting, Comey testimony, and the UK election. Meaning there is "zero risk". Aside from the fourth lower high for the largest U.S. banks:

But first, my how moral standards have fully collapsed...
Way back in 1974, Nixon's downfall was caused by a tape recording revealing that he was considering having the CIA tell the FBI to abandon the Watergate investigation, which by total coincidence was about RepubliCon interference in the election. Fast forward to today's Idiocracy and Trump asked the FBI director to stop the investigation directly to his face multiple times, because according to 2017 Idiocratic logic that's not obstruction of justice. Fair enough, because clearly whatever he is hiding must be far worse than obstruction of justice, that much we can infer from 3rd grade logic.

Anyways, everyone knows that this is how democracy works in a banana republic. 

Speaking of deja vu... What happens when the entire Energy sector rolls over in conjunction with Treasury yields and oil?

The old age home has seen this movie before, but they rented it again anyways...

This new version of the movie has a surprise alternate ending. I call it shock therapy. They're going to love it...

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