Saturday, June 24, 2017

More Than Enough Clown Hats To Go Around

Can't we all just agree that only the U.S. is allowed to interfere in other countries' elections? The Democrats certainly seem to be 100% onboard with that concept. Republicans only accept foreign interference when it gets them elected, because it's clearly treasonous to elect Democrats. One thing both sides have in common is that they are both googling the wrong "R" word...

The never-ending Russia morass has both parties assiduously ignoring the Recession freight train coming straight down the tracks. One party wants to pretend that Russian interference in the election is no big deal since it got them elected and it happened on Obama's watch. Unfortunately today, Trump once again just backed over his own apologists by finally admitting that Russia interfered in the election. The election WAS rigged as he asserted, but in his favour, which makes it ok. Likewise FBI Director Comey was a great guy when he got Trump elected but had to be fired without notice when he was continuing to do his job of investigating Russian interference in the election. Because it was just fake news. No wait, it was real news but Obama's fault...

The other party of course believes that making America great again, just means getting rid of Trump, ignoring the fact that eight years of Obama is what got Trump elected in the first place. And when it comes to election interference that's America's last competitive advantage.

But the freight train of reality just keeps on rolling:

What gamblers don't want to see is banks rolling over while Financial advisors are still busy lying to their investors:

Or McDonald's peaking when every other restaurant is rolling over...

Amazon crushing the rest of retail

Starbucks rolling over with coffee

Johnson & Johnson leading the entire market

Google going parabolic and then making a lower high:

Of course overlaying restaurants with retail gets us this:


And this: