Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Exceptional Denial

This society would rather lie to the very last minute than to admit the truth about the collapsing status quo. Why? Because then they would have to admit they've been lying the entire time...

Outside of the casino, market reality is diverging massively from the delusion put forth by Central Banks and politicians. Stoned gamblers are choosing to believe the lying sociopaths, meaning they are onboarding way too much unhedged risk, even as the macro noose keeps tightening.

Fed dunces have decided that they are right and markets are wrong. In other words, the Fed trusts Trump more than they trust the bond market:

Banks are going the way of deflation:

As is the dollar

Oil of course is a primary determinant of inflation/deflation

Intra-day view of Oil:

The long bond is taking the side of deflation over the Fed and short-term rates

My bad, I underestimated the allure of Bitcoin as a retirement safe haven:

That other safe haven - Netflix and Go Daddy et al. - is looking a tad overbought...

Internet stocks:

Ready for the hanging...


Mind the Gap 'n Crap

"We were wrong. It's not Amazon taking away sales, it's the outsourced 'Conomy taking away sales. We had to sell it off to pay for special dividends. Remember? Wouldn't you know, it's the exact same problem as the last time you morons trusted us"