Monday, June 26, 2017

Collapse Is The New "Economics"

The problem with self-interest as a fake and totally hollow ideology is never knowing when it's your own turn to go under the bus... 

22 million people have to lose their health insurance to pay for Forrest Trump's planned tax cut. And he has untold legions of brainwashed morons who support him taking away their own coverage. It's an all time new low for the collapsing Roman empire. Selling daughters comes next:

The narrative that attends collapse in broad daylight is so fucking dumb and facile that you have to feel mildly sorry for the Kardashianized sheeple getting fleeced by it. Eight years into the first non-recovery in U.S. history aka. Corporate Shock Doctrine 2.0, and the simultaneous collapse of EVERY retail store, shopping mall, REIT operator, restaurant, grocery chain, automaker, auto dealer is supposedly due to Amazon. It's a narrative so fucking stupid you have to be a South Park educated retard to believe it. 

It's the end of the *free trade* jobless consumer - the end of the fantasy that millions of people would trade well-paying good jobs for low paying Mcjobs and then borrow themselves into oblivion at 0% to make up the difference. Only then to have interest rates raised at the end of the cycle while blaming the lowest cost retailer for the simultaneous decimation of thousands of retail outlets across the entire country.

Blighted. Gone. 

The jobless consumer is strictly an EconoDunce fabrication to allow the corporate arbitrage of a developed world standard of living vis-a-vis the third world, ending in mass poverty. All while stunned dunces voted against their own interests continually.

At the end of this mega-fiasco the current cadre of ultra-corrupt alpha males in all sectors of leadership will be the ones going under the bus. They won't see it coming, because for them it was always someone else's turn to go under the bus. 

And when stoned zombies rudely awaken to the reality that one internet retailer could not single-handedly blight an entire economy, they will be shocked to learn that they got muppetized all over again by the same Fed dunces as last time. And that collapse is the new *Economics".