Friday, June 30, 2017

We, The Sheeple. Will Believe Anything. Hence Nothing

Someone who believes a lie for eight years straight forfeits their right to know when it's ending...

Imploding Economy (retail, jobs, construction, credit, autos)
Oil/Commodity collapse
Y2K level valuations
Extreme speculation (Bitcoin/Ethereum, IPOs, Internet stocks)
Mass complacency
Global Central Banks in fake reflation mode
Deflation trade abandoned (Tech/growth/yield)
Multiple Hindenburg Omens/bifurcated breadth
Clueless Idiocracy


"All of the good news was already in the market"

"No one saw it coming"

One thing the sheeple can count on is that they are being duly monetized by the exact same psychopaths as last time...

Social mood has a date with destiny