Tuesday, June 13, 2017

99.6% Chance of FedPlosion

Remember to act surprised. Again...

"We're going to cut taxes, build walls, upgrade our infrastructure, destroy ISIS, solve world hunger, and make everyone rich I tell you!"

From the Fed's own website:

Commercial and Industrial loan growth, quarterly (y-o-y %):

Credit card flow:

Auto sales and auto leases outstanding

U.S. Oil had a death cross today (50 dma crosses below 200 dma) on news that OPEC has been cheating on their output quotas and news of ANOTHER 'surprise' inventory build this week:

OPEC's May oil output was up by 336,000 bpd to 32.14 million bpd

API reports 2.8 mln barrels rise in crude stocks to 511.4 mln

Oil demand growth slows especially in China

All together now: "Shocking!"

Raise cash? Who does that?

Rydex cash (money market) balances, hit a new low this week:

Now THAT is timely advice...

Russell 2000's fifth wave ending diagonal likely completed. TODAY.

"I don't raise cash, I just BTFD. My trusted advisor with the conflict of interest tells me I should"

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