Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ignorance x Arrogance = "Aw Fuck, Not This Again!"

The only large scale gamblers who actually believe Trump right now are the the most important ones - the U.S. Fed...

Yellen & Co, came out today on the hawkish side, dismissing recent weak data as "transitory". 

Unfortunately, it comes down to who do we trust?

Treasury bonds, oil, copper, precious metals, agricultural commodities, retail, transports, Q1 GDP, loan data, banks, recession stocks and corporate insiders.

Or the Fed's Magic 8 ball?

Yield curve flattener:

Banks and the dollar garnered the only bid today due to the hawkish Fed, however, dollar gamblers will have to contend with sinking long bond yields...

Or as I call it "overnight risk"


The defensive stock trade is imploding...
Consumer staples with % bullish:

Oil is clinging to support:

The average stock is rolling over hard

Complacency is the order of the day

It's all up to Facebook now, which happens to be imploding after hours...