Tuesday, May 30, 2017

An Inconvenient Ground And Pound

Today's S&P ETF volume, within 1% of the S&P's all time high, was the lowest full day volume in over a decade. Now that's conviction...

"Wait, I thought Globalization was fixed. By cheap money for the gambling casino and Forrest Chump..."

What is the risk of calling an early election?
"Tonight: we reveal YouGov's first seat by seat projection of the campaign - suggests Tories fall 16 seats short of overall majority"

GBP selloff has only coincided with three global risk off events in the past year. Out of three...

"Election? WTF, you just had one..."

"Most Americans, I feel confident in saying, aren't aware it's even taking place."

I feel confident in saying that no gamblers anywhere are aware it's taking place...

"No serial conned dunce saw it coming"

"Faux News. You lied to me"