Monday, May 22, 2017

The Last Days Of The Roman Circus

U.S. stocks are about to discover the true meaning of "exorbitant privilege"...

This is the moment when the rabid right is going to wish that they weren't locked inside their own echo chamber. Although, to be sure, there will be enough shock and awe to go around...

"The Trump premium in the dollar has become a Trump discount. Global capital just doesn't feel safe coming to the U.S."

In terms of stock markets, the rest of the world has outperformed the U.S. by almost 50% on a relative basis since the election, most of which came since the inauguration. U.S. stocks have gone nowhere for almost 3 months:

The rest of the world is a tad record overbought:

J.P. Morgan global strategists studied investor positioning in a range of asset classes and stock sectors. "We conclude that there is little unwinding left to be done from here from the previous post-election build-up of Trump policy related positions,"

One more to go, this week:

Another OPEC dog and pony show has been "priced in":

The fireworks for the last show are ready to go: