Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Clown To Rule Them All

The leader of the "free world" was off his meds last night. But don't worry, this all makes perfect sense to demented morons who consider nonsensical gibberish acceptable for a man commanding 6,000 nuclear warheads...

First he puts this out at midnight last night:

To be fair, we all have our drunken rants. So far worse yet, in the morning theoretically when he would be sober again, he puts out this even more asinine "clarification", suggesting a more permanent condition is at work:

Because we all know that the problem with the first tweet was a misspelling of 'coverage' and not the fact that it failed to express the slightest semblance of a cogent thought. 

Holy fuck. We're doomed. 

The de facto Idiocracy will be buried deep of that I am 100% certain.

Trump's relationship to Twitter, explained: