Sunday, May 28, 2017

Make Lying Great Again aka. Trickle Down Fake Wealth Effect

While Circus Clownius is blowing smoke up everyone's asses non-stop, his empire is collapsing. Just thought I would mention that. Apparently when he said last Fall that the election was rigged, he meant it...

Of course that's water under the bridge now to his reliable apologists. The fact that the U.S. election was systematically undermined by a foreign power with the sole goal of getting Trump elected so he would end Russian sanctions with an under the table quid pro quo to his own cash-strapped empire, brokered by his son-in-law. Bearing in mind that's pure speculation, attended by corroborating testimony from now four separate U.S. intelligence chiefs, including of course the CIA and FBI. What do they and the people below them leaking all of this information really know?

In the meantime, the Denialist-in-Chief was outvoted 6-1 on Climate Change affirmation at the G7 in Europe.

After all, who has time for that nonsense when he's too busy making coal implode again:

And making the entire Oil and Gas complex implode deja vu of 2015, as well:

Speaking of non-stop lies, I wanted to get back to the fake wealth effect, because after all, fake wealth is now at global record highs. What that means is that the trickle-down-Ponzi-bread-crumbs have never been greater.

Hence we should fully expect the attendant lies in the face of extreme poverty at the end of this last cycle, to be of an historic scale as well. And of course they are.

First, fake wealth: Here we see Sotheby's auctioneers of all things priceless:

Meanwhile, at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, dollar stores will account for 80% of new store openings in 2017:

To further cement dollar store dominance, Trump wants to cut foodstamps to pay for his tax cut and Keynesian bombing of foreigners. Foodstamps have already been cut twice by Congress...

Foodstamps versus defense stocks

And like clockwork, Fed mega dunces are out in full force to cement the June rate hike...Who needs a fiscal package when we have trickle down fake wealth?

But why is the dollar not believing this bullshit?

And how about that meaningless OPEC extension? Is there a corn and soybeans output cut in the works as well?

When you have fake wealth, real wealth just seems like a lot of work...