Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Don't Worry, Collapse Is Priced In"

This bubble is a cycle degree larger than the last one, and the number of morons who believe in it is a cycle degree larger as well...

This recession will be backdated, they always are. Why? Because EconoDunces have proven time and now again that they are the dumbest fucking people on the entire planet. And casino gamblers are too busy rolling dice to see the freight train coming...

Dr. Yardeni: Don't Worry Be An Idiot

"He says there's not much to justify jitters about a near-term deep market pullback — citing strong earnings, the Trump administration's business-friendly policies and the economy."

"Don't worry. Collapse is priced in"

ZH: Citigroup's Macro Surprise Index Falls Most Since December 2008

"Business formations were this month's biggest drag, as they looked to have reversed an earlier post-election surge."

Median sales price for new houses (Percent change from year ago)


Commercial and Industrial loans outstanding, through Q1 (end of March), change from year ago, $millions:

Credit card flow

"Go ahead, you can splurge, it's the beginning of another eight year cycle..."

Auto sales (millions, units),  and leases outstanding, change from year ago, $millions (red):

Federal Deficit, change from year ago, $millions

This is corporate profits divided by U.S. Federal debt with the casino...

Or as Dr. Chimp would say "strong earnings"

Here's a comfort-seeking geriatric who gives reality a try but then chickens out with his denialistic conclusion...

It's a Dow Theory failure whereby the Transports are no longer confirming the Dow Industrials latest new high...

"should the Dow Theory prove true, "You could have a little bear market [where stocks drop] 15 to 20 percent...At the same time, Acampora says that "it's not the end of the world" and that he remains "a secular bull."

"Newsflash: We Just Discovered The Internet And It's Taking Market Share Away From Shopping Malls At A Record Rate"

There's only one problem with this ubiquitous theory for why retail is imploding, e-commerce is only 8% of total sales, 23 years after Amazon was founded. Duh...

Ecommerce sales as percent of total retail, % change from year ago...