Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The U.S. Has Only One Natural Enemy. Itself.

Where to begin...

Trump won the election against all odds. Hillary was widely favoured in all but one major poll to win, so deja vu of Brexit, her voters didn't turn out to vote. 

So...blame the Russians. The Russians had hacked Hillary's campaign emails which were surreptitiously leaked via Wikileaks bringing to light all of the malfeasance going on inside her campaign. In other words, the Russians are to blame for disclosing the truth.

Meanwhile, several members of the Trump campaign may have had contact with Russians prior to the election, which is not actually illegal nor is it necessarily nefarious.

However, going on the counter-attack, the Trump team now asserts that the only way Hillary's team could have found out about the Russia/Trump contact was due to illicit spying by the Obama Administration. Because the Obama Administration was collecting personal "non-relevant" information about the Trump team.

There's only one problem with that assertion which is that per Edward Snowden, the U.S. government is collecting "non-relevant" information about EVERY U.S. citizen every day and can easily comb back through their petabyte vaults to dig up any past communication.

Clear as mud.

Not to quote banksters, but just today mega-bankster Jamie Dimon warned "Something is Wrong With the U.S."

"The solutions are not binary — they are not either/or, and they are not about Democrats or Republicans. They are about facts, analysis, ideas and best practices (including what we can learn from others around the world)."

The U.S. spends more on its military than almost the entire rest of the world combined, however the real enemy is not outside the U.S. border. It's the experimental premise that if everyone just looks after themselves everything will be A-OK.

We all see how that's working out. And those few who don't, soon will.