Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ponzi World: 7.5 Billion Joyfully Conned

Everything we read or watch right now is contaminated with fake hopium. In 2008 we learned that the consumption oriented lifestyle is on borrowed time and money. Going forward we needed to embrace less, not more. No corporate zombie got the memo...

Unfortunately, those reading this before-the-fact are a "rounding error". No offense. We could never compete with our fellow citizens who spent the last eight years wrapping the long rope of "more" around their necks so they could go bungee jumping with a noose all over again. Reality need not apply.

Now, at the end of the cycle, despite overwhelming daily evidence of an epic con job, they simply don't believe it. You see it's far easier to con 7.5 billion people than it is to convince them that they've been conned, especially when they themselves are the ones propagating the lies via Social media and fake news sites. 

For example, here we see European stocks which exhibit a similar pattern to 2008 and an even more similar pattern to Y2K. With one major difference, when Trump got elected, instead of declining, stocks went vertical into one more manic ramp. Have the fortunes of Europe suddenly improved since the election? Think Greece, Italy, Le Pen and Brexit. I would suggest not. 

"Amid the political uncertainty of Brexit, mounting social turmoil over immigration and barely there economic growth, Europe has improbably emerged as the hot stocks trade this year."

Over the past week, investors pulled $800 million from U.S. stock funds and pushed $1.9 billion to their European counterparts, the largest inflow in 60 weeks"

This is Canadian GDP in $USD (through 2015) with Canadian stocks:

Australian stocks now have two massive corrective waves since they peaked in 2007


Despite the strong dollar and anti-trade rhetoric, Emerging Markets have also rallied since the election:

The world ex-U.S. with Global GDP growth: