Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Round 5 Ground And Pound

This weekend is the third referendum on Globalization in the past 12 months. Pro-Nationalist candidate, Marine LePen, is strongly favoured to advance to the final round of voting...

Here is how that looks relative to large U.S. banks:

Today was another gap up followed by all day selloff closing near the lows of the day - classic bear market action.

This is called "perfect timing"
Money flow is a measure of price x volume x daily range:

What is taking place right now is known as short covering ahead of collapse

Russell 2000 small cap:

McClellan Oscillator

U.S. Oil ETF

Energy stocks with Oil
We've seen this movie before...

The NYSE % of stocks above 200 dma with Oil

The Goldman Dow:

The Nasdaq

Where to invade next in a recession: