Friday, April 14, 2017

An Entitled Idiocracy

You can be entitled, or you can be an idiot, but in this world, you can't be both...

"Beep beep"

Central Bank psychopaths lowered interest rates to 0% for eight years straight to incentivize consumption zombies to load back up on cheap debt. And now that interest rates are rising, EconoDunces expect "reflation" as a result?

Price incentive? Econ 101? Bueller?

"Barclays characterized the CPI figure as "much weaker than expected. The bank cut its first-quarter GDP estimate to 0.8 percent following the report, citing the inflation numbers, as well as weak retail and inventory data"

Oil with CPI

Americans’ optimism about their current financial situation and the economy reached the strongest point since 2000

Much more progress on shrinking the partisan gap is needed to bring economic expectations in line with reality,

69 percent of Republicans cited favorable news about employment and economic policies, compared with only 28 percent among Democrats

"We need to shrink the reality gap"

One of these is going to hurt like a motherf*cker, the other was just a walk in the park...

Big U.S. banks revealed more evidence of a slowdown in loan growth in their earnings reports on Thursday, though executives assured there is still healthy demand from borrowers and no reason to worry about the state of the economy.

JPMorgan and Citigroup Inc (C.N) posted higher first-quarter earnings that beat analysts' expectations on large gains in trading revenue. Wells Fargo which relies more on traditional lending and less on markets-related businesses, reported a slight dip in profit due to a slowdown in mortgage banking.

Wells Fargo with loan growth:

"No need to worry, we already sold"

Unfortunately for deflationary denialists, stock/bond rebalancing has a ways to go...