Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Plan Is To Bury Them With Bullshit, Apparently

For anyone who believes in fairy tales and trusts proven psychopaths, this is all so confusing!!!

Rapid sector rotations are the hallmark of a market getting set to crash, because there's nowhere to hide except Facebook...

Is the economy running hot or catching a cold? Reflation: yes or no. Just what is the state of global trade? Fiscal policy in or out? Does it matter?

Adding to this ball of confusion, today Goldman-Sachs-appointed Treasury Secretary Mnuchin supercharged the short-covering rally by saying that tax reform has been moved forward to "very soon" which is not to be confused with an actual point in time - despite having said three days ago it was "highly aggressive and unrealistic before August". He has clearly inherited his boss's knack for sowing mass delusion.

Speaking of which, you can't make this shit up...

Financial Post:

To summarize this ass wipe:
"It's not Trump's fault for reneging on his campaign promises, it's our fault for believing him. After all, he's just a circus clown entertainer: "Let me entertain you..."

David Rosenberg, you owe me five minutes of my life back. Fucking moron...

Then again, what difference does it all make, as long as the Nasdaq made a new closing high today:

Compliments of Facebook, the only mega cap Tech stock at a new high, what else?

And compliments of short-covering in banks ahead of the French election:

Even as commodities get annihilated

And the Trump reflation trade goes full 2008

Westmoreland Coal

And leading recession stocks roll over

Philip Morris

Because as long as Facebook doesn't roll over, this will all be fine. Or they might just get buried by non-stop bullshit...

61.8% fib retracement: