Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trapped In The Moron Feedback Loop

Wait until the zombies figure out that their thought dealers are as dumb as they are...

"Dammit, I thought I was the fucking moron in this equation"

Let's see:
Trump has done nothing
OPEC has inadvertently increased the oil glut
The Fed is tightening
And China's mega stimulus has worn off

"Sorry everyone, the global party is over"

"Pretty much everything that happened in 2016 can be explained by China and Oil"

One month ago:

"...When it comes to the global credit impulse, it was, is and will be all about China: without a massive surge in debt creation over and above the prior year, and thus a boost to annual impulse, the global economy virtually always rolls over."

Global yields with Global GDP Growth

U.S. Deflation (red) with Oil

Moron feedback loop visualized