Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Exploitation-Oriented LieStyle Is Hanging By A Noose

They don't see it coming. Hard to believe...

Tomorrow, RepubliCons who now control the entire U.S. government, will go toe to toe intra-party to determine which version of TrumpDoesntCare will fuck over the most number of people, because 30+ years of screwing over the middle class isn't enough. Fortunately, the rest of the world will be the final arbiter on Generation Exploitation...

Reagan's errand-boy, David Stockman, has a better plan, called FantasyCare. You do nothing now and pretend that gridlock won't implode what is left of Trump's Gong Show. He admits that the only type of system that holds down costs is single payor, however, his Little House On the Prairie system which exists nowhere else in the world, can do better. For him, I mean. Fuck everyone else, which is the sole ethos that got us this far. 

"it's an open-ended fiscal time bomb because unlike the state controlled single payor systems elsewhere, the US system is a mutant hybrid of socialism for the recipients and crony capitalism for the providers."

News Flash for Generation Exploitation, there is a reason why the entire rest of the developed world uses single payor, because it's the ONLY financially viable option. But a generation of corrupt morons has to get flushed down the toilet first. Supply Side Hegemonics is a fantasy borne of a society that had it too good for too long compliments of a reserve currency.

Today's robber barons agree with Stockman, Trump's bill is flawed because it only fucks over 24 million people. We can do better. 

"The two grassroots groups oppose the GOP bill on the grounds that it does not go far enough to undo the Affordable Care Act"

Fortunately, the entire rest of the world is poised with their hand on the toilet handle, to render final judgment on a way of life that is neither sustainable, scalable, nor moral in any way shape or form:

Every major currency in the world versus the dollar, YTD. Led by Mexico, as markets have clearly figured out that the Gong Show is ending...

The dollar noose is tight:

Investors are turning bearish on non-stop bullshit:

Gluttons for punishment, home gamers are still massively long USDJPY. So this will only hurt a lot...

The Oil noose is tight:

The entire rally since the bottom a year ago hangs by a thread...

Crude speculative bets still massively elevated:

The stock market noose is tight

Nasdaq with realized volatility

The fake reflation noose is tight:

Unwinding the exploitation-oriented liestyle will be painful for those who bought into it, no question about it...