Friday, March 31, 2017


We are confronted in this sad, pathetic, and waning era with the proliferation of the all-knowing dunce. An individual who compensates for knowing next to nothing, by pretending to know everything. Specializing in the impossible, CasinoNomics, and printing money as the secret to effortless wealth. The more common variant of the AKD specializes in getting bilked at the hands of serial psychopaths while sponsoring tax payer funded bailouts for robber barons...

Coming off of last week's debacle at the hands of his own party, Trump's approval ratings are now sinking faster than the Titanic. 

Accomplishments to date:
Just 10 weeks on the job, President Trump's approval rating is stuck in the 30s and 40s. His health-care effort failed. The travel ban is tied up in courts. Congress and the FBI are investigating his campaign's possible links to Russia. He's calling out fellow Republicans for failing to help him on health care. His White House tried to cover up (for a while at least) his aides providing information to House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. And now his ousted national security adviser says he'll cooperate with the FBI and Congress in exchange for immunity.

One of the central arguments that Trump made against Hillary Clinton was that scandal and controversy would always follow her"

So to capitalize on his tanking popularity, Trump rolled back the Obama-era climate change regulations. Why? Because he is the all-knowing mega dunce.

There is only one problem, the Energy industry is no longer fighting climate change, they are investing in climate change...

Robert Murray, founder and chief executive of Murray Energy—the nation's largest privately held coal mining company—told the Guardian that many mining jobs were lost to technology and competition, rather than regulation.

"I suggested that he temper his expectations. Those are my exact words," Murray said. "He can’t bring them back."

"The Oil and Gas community needs to up its game because the goals of society have changed. If it doesn't do it, it will be replaced by greener energy sources...CEO of Exxon: We understand the risks associated with fossil fuels and we think we can mitigate those risks through technology"

But who needs facts and data when we have the all-knowing mega dunce?

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