Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trapped In The House Of Whores aka. The Trump Casino

In U.S. financial slang, a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks.

Search Term: "Passive Investing"

January had roughly $35 billion in ETF inflows, and February also saw roughly $52 billion in inflows.

That's a two-month inflow of about $87 billion..."It's the biggest two-month run in ETFs since ETFs were invented." [1993]

If you look at what's getting the assets, it's low-cost index product

Rydex Bear / Bull asset ratio:

Rydex money market balances:

Mutual Fund cash balances:

Trump has taken over Obama's role as Wall Street's errand boy:

The Croupier-In-Chief:
"A review of annual addresses to Congress since President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1928) shows that it’s exceedingly rare for president to mention the stock market.

Until Barack Obama, that is."