Sunday, February 5, 2017

Between The Scylla And Charybdis of Dumb And Dumber

It turns out you CAN con stoned zombies every single time, don't ask me how...

The Big Short was the story of how Wall Street conned their clients into buying securitized shit that was imploding at the end of the cycle, all while Wall Street made side bets on their implosion. When the entire financial system, leveraged 100x, 'unexpectedly' crashed, Wall Street demanded a tax payer bailout to make them whole on their bet against tax payers. Fortunately, Goldman Sachs was running Treasury, so they got 100% on the dollar. And, just in time, Trump just made it easier for them to do that all over again...

Blogging in an aging Idiocracy is like pounding sand up your ass. There is literally zero point in attempting to change anyone's mind, since they're already 10x leveraged to their own personalized version of what won't happen. It's an attention deficit society of know it alls, who know literally nothing. And yet, they are extremely adept at faking it. After all, they've had an entire lifetime of practice. They now have 100% confidence in the impossible.  

Tonight, while watching Atlanta steal defeat from the jaws of victory, it occurred to me that Trump was America's Hail Mary pass gone wrong. Way wrong. Other way wrong. He now has staffed his entire government with industry insiders, to cut out the inconvenient middle-man known as 'Congress'. And yet, in the binary world of modern pseudo-democracy, at one point, he represented the .0001% chance of success. Oh well.

Speaking of confidence in the impossible, "reflation" was just a narrative fabricated by Wall Street to get them through end of year, bonus time. 

Money flow peaked at the end of 2016:

Speaking of fake reflation, below are Energy stocks with Marine Transports. Two of the most economically sensitive sectors in the entire market. 

My, how eight years of non-stop bullshit flies:

Now let's overlay the One Year Treasury aka. "Trumpflation"

Look what we found, Wall Street bullshit. What else? 

"Someone has to buy at the end of the cycle, how do you think we get out?"