Sunday, February 12, 2017

The AmeriCon Dream

America has turned into a den of legally sanctioned thieves. "Corruption as usual"

It all seemed so easy:

Outsource the economy to China
Print money to inflate stocks
Plunder grandchildren via Ponzi borrowing
Elect a reality TV President
Sit back and watch The Kardashians
Lie constantly

The AmeriCon Dream

What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, the cost of mass layoffs to fund stock buybacks meant economic implosion with stocks at all time highs, like now.

Because as stunned dunces DIDN'T learn during the Bush era, it's not the quantity of jobs that matter, it's the QUALITY of jobs that matters:

Layoffs to fund stock buybacks:
Federal tax receipts 24 month rate of change

Labor market conditions 12 month moving average

Industrial production 24 month rate of change


24 months rate of change wage CPI:

Corporate Profits

Ponzi borrowing

S&P 12 month rate of change
End of cycle false dawn. Been there, done that. I don't recommend it...

Dollar/Yen carry trade

Tightening Monetary policy at the end of the cycle. Don't try this at home...

Payrolls 12 month rate of change with log scale Fed rate:

This is going to hurt like a motherfucker...
Taxes with Mutual fund cash balances