Sunday, February 19, 2017

Prepare For FinalPlosion aka. "RISK OFF"

(Corporate) America has been "first" this entire time. So Donny Trump & Friends are about to find out that the rest of the world are not going to fund his fake-isolationist utopia...

Remember RISK OFF? It's an ancient concept, not seen since the evening Trump was elected. The machines in Asia said limit down, but the humans said "buy", "buy", "buy". Same for Brexit, OilPlosion, and ChinaPlosion...

This chart shows the Japanese Nikkei with its 50 day moving average. In the first lower pane are SPY ETF opening downside gaps > 10 points (Each 1 point equals 10 S&P points)

When the Nikkei implodes below its 50 day, the S&P implodes overnight. Dotted redlines (Brexit, Trump) show overnight limit downs that were bought in Europe prior to U.S. open:

"Global implosion Take 5. Action..."

The Nikkei is currently .4% above its 50 day:

This just in:
Why Being Long The Dollar Is Very Dangerous Right Now

"...A lot of investment assumptions for 2017 have been based on the assumption that we'd see continued strength in the dollar"

"The market is not buying what Janet Yellen is saying. And that is actually a very, very telling sign,"

Major political uncertainty surrounding the new Trump administration is weighing on the dollar...[and] the fixed income market.

This is what the world thinks about Forrest Trump-o-Nomics:

Any questions?

U.S. Dollar Index: