Monday, February 6, 2017

Imploded By Dumbfucks. Yes Again...

Having divulged my world view to an acquaintance, she asked do you think people will accept higher prices at Walmart? My response - do you think they'll accept bankruptcy?

Instead of having a revenue neutral tariff to protect the U.S. economy from overseas dumping - a concept that went out the door when Reagan was elected - Trump wants to lower corporate taxes by raising taxes on the middle class aka. a "border adjustment tax". The entire plan assumes that the U.S. dollar will rise to ensure that imports remain about the same cost as before. Unfortunately, however, Trump also wants a lower dollar, because everyone knows that a higher dollar will crush exports. 

This sums up Globalization in a nutshell, those who want their cake and eat it too. They want lower prices at Walmart AND plentiful quality jobs. They want cheap labour in the fields, but no immigration. They want a stock market at all time highs, but no industrial arbitrage with China to inflate profits. These dumbfucks are all going to learn the hard way...

Here is what the markets have to say about Trump-o-Nomics:

Retail has lost its bid due to the impending border adjustment tax, which will crush what is left of the U.S. retail sector. According to U.S. retailers, consumers could see a 20% price increase, so that corporations can pay lower taxes. 

"Common household goods, apparel, things that people count on every day, pajamas, will cost more and really just so a certain, select group of corporations can avoid paying taxes forever."

Let's see what the retailers think:



The latest casualty is Under Armour

Time is running out on Dumbfuckistan