Friday, February 24, 2017


The last fool has been found. Junk stocks are played out. Algos are trading back and forth on nominal volume at all time highs, using imploding hedge funds as their marginal source of liquidity... 

There are no buyers beneath the casino. Social mood is ready to collapse onto the head of the Orangeutan-in-chief...

High Beta stocks are set to implode from high altitude:


Price / volume:

Marijuana stocks, Uranium stocks, frackers, Biotech, mining stocks, played out.

Here is a junk shipping stock:

The Uranium ETF couldn't be rescued by Trump's latest promise to start WWIII

Top performing IPO of 2016

IPOs (red) with Russell/Dow ratio:

IPOs with S&P:

"I make the best explosions. You can ask anyone. This is going to be a tremendously amazing explosion. You'll see..."

"I'm not some big orange fucktard you know, I just act like it..."