Tuesday, February 14, 2017

AmeriCasino: "Good News, Global Implosion Is Priced In"

...to everything except U.S. stocks...

Police Squad just confirmed they are ready to final implode the global economy...

The casino went further parabolic on the news...

Led by banks. What else?

My bad, I had to move that five to the other side of the top...

Global yields not buying it


One of these is supported by record net long speculative futures gamblers. The other one is not...

Nat Gas with Oil

The U.S. bond market's assessment of reflation

Five year yield - Fed rate:

On the other hand, short-term implosion is a strong likelihood:

Five year yield:

The Nasdaq has had enough
QQQ/Dow Ratio:

The dollar carry trade isn't buying it
-60% with risk to the downside...

The only ones buying it are ALL IN at the casino:

NYSE with Mutual Fund cash balances

"You want what money back?"

"Fool me three times, I guess I'm a denialistic fucktard"