Monday, January 30, 2017

Guard Your Sanity: The Corporate Borg Is Final Imploding

I'm glad I never sold my sanity, I kind of need it right now. The Idiocracy is now caged by eight years of dumbfuck ideas, and they're getting a tad 'antsy'...

As I've said many times throughout this circus, The Borg IS The Illusion. Meaning that the sheeple at large fabricate their own fake-believe narratives and then propagate them via social media. The corporate lamestream media exists solely to monetize the entire fantasy. Unfortunately these people sold their sanity and their souls a long time ago. And now there isn't enough Prozac to go around...

Twitter was invented to conceal the fact that we've become an illiterate Idiocracy. Because the average zombie can't put together a cogent paragraph without contradicting themselves or otherwise running into the fake-believe delusions that underlie the status quo. To say nothing of the attention deficit. 

Here is one right here from a Canadian MP: 

Right, get the word out on Twitter, we should not be using Twitter.

The other fake meme going around is where were all of these Trump protesters during the election? In other words, eight years of Obama dithering created Trump, so the solution was Hillary. The ideas are so facile now and so self-contradicting that we risk our own sanity to stoop to their level of debased asinine thinking.

Better to just let them implode and see which ones have an appetite for sanity on the other side, and which ones just want to finish it out in an asylum in the fetal position. In the meantime, guard your sanity, because it's under constant attack by the Borg. As it has been since 2008.

By the way Canada has its own wannabe Trump now. Mr. Wonderful.

Fortunately however, "it can't happen here in La La Land". We would never for example, have a crack addict running Toronto.