Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trump Is A Third World Despot Running A Banana Republic

The people who want to kill Obamacare already have health insurance, so their attitude towards the working poor is "I'm ok, so fuck 'em". The Dow casino will protect them from the same fate...

Congress is back in session on Tuesday, and leaders of both houses say their first order of business will be to repeal Obamacare.

"Unfortunately, the market for individuals has never worked well. Generally, this model forces insurers to take fewer risks so that they can still make money. They do this by excluding pre-existing conditions and paying fewer claims"

The Affordable Care Act changed all of this...In exchange for taking on substantially more risk of less healthy patients, they were promised more business by getting access to more potential customers.

But when the time came to pay up for risk reduction in the Obamacare exchanges, Congress reneged and paid only 12% of what was owed to the insurers. 

It is no wonder that this year they have dramatically increased premiums, averaging 20%, to compensate for the extra risk they didn’t factor into the original lower rates. In contrast, underlying health costs are rising at about 5%.

It is easy to predict that this induced uncertainty from Congress will effectively kill the exchanges even if it delays the implementation of repeal. As a result, all of the individuals who have benefited from coverage and subsidies will lose out. They will either not be able to gain insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or they won't be able to afford the higher premiums.

the health of millions could be jeopardized.

Which one of these countries has a corporate cartel running its healthcare system and government?