Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Denialism Game: "It Can't Happen To Me"

This game was going to continue until the last dime was in the Caymans...

In order to be "happy" within the Globalized Ponzi scheme - aside from guzzling junk food and junk culture from a fire hose - the key is to think the worst about everyone else...Assume the worst about blue collar workers who long ago lost their jobs. Think the worst about Mexicans who bolster corporate profit and pick crops for below minimum wage. Think the worst about Chinese peons who make iPhones at $.80/hour with zero upward mobility. Assume the worst about the former middle class now on foodstamps. Assume the worst about people about to lose their only hope for medical coverage. 

And then assume that none of that can happen to you. And therefore assume that godless corporate flunkies who believe in all that won't get flushed down the historical toilet, viewed as the biggest serial conned dunces in human history...

Here's where it gets fun:
I created a new chart list called the "Trump Corruption List". And the game is called, what happens first, repeal or shit bricks?

The idea is that these are all industries run by proven lying sociopaths - you know, the ones that today's Idiocracy believes 100%. So the question is can Forrest Trump save these psychopaths from themselves, before they self-implode taking his vacuous reality-tv persona down with them. Or not?

Repeal Obamacare, or collapse of the Healthcare cartel?

Repudiate the Paris Treaty or collapse of Exxon, OPEC, and Oil?

Repeal Dodd-Frank or collapse of Goldman Sachs?

Bomb more foreigners or implode Lockheed Martin & Co...

Save insolvent coal or collapse of insolvent coal?

Bet IT ALL, accordingly.

Ok, good. Game on.

Just remember, I won last time too. And you don't count your money while you're sitting at the table...

This is how much money they're going to have at the end of the game, right here, because the rest is already in the Caymans and they're too dumb to figure it out.

"If you don't know who the sucker is when you're sitting at the table, then it's you" - Warren Buffett

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