Friday, January 6, 2017

Unwinding 10x Leveraged Social Mood

The one thing this Lord of the Flies society needs more than anything else is to grow the fuck up...

Prechter was right, kind of - this is all social mood. Reality plays no part, however, Central Banks have done their best to reverse engineer manic euphoria, which will now unwind violently:

Case in point of unwinding social mood, Bitcoin China...

Post-2008, Central Banks monetized the resulting mass poverty into human history's biggest cheap debt bubble. The Idiocratic masses can't imagine this all ending, because they're welded to the status quo by Ponzi borrowing. It's indentured social mood on 10x leverage...

Let's see:

The disintegration of Globalization
China meltdown
Unprecedented oil glut
5 year-old running the U.S. from Twitter

And yet, fake optimism near all time highs:

Because everyone knows that more debt is always the cure for deflation...

Cherry on top...


President-elect Donald Trump ridiculed Wall Street on the campaign trail, and frequently criticized his political opponents for their ties to Goldman Sachs Group (GS).

Now, Trump is relying on a lawyer who has spent his career representing financial firms, and has his own close ties to Goldman, to lead Wall Street's top regulator.

Any questions?