Saturday, January 21, 2017

Davos 2017: Self-Interest Self-Destructing

When the sheeple are free-basing junk food and junk culture with a desperation that would make a hardened junkie appear healthy, the robber barons can get away with literally everything. Voila...

FULL DISCLOSURE: were it not for Wall Street bailouts, intra-generational theft, money printing, serial asset bubbles, and ponzi borrowing, this shit show would have ended in 2008. But instead we get to endure generation Madoff making ever more feeble excuses for why the status quo is working perfectly fine. For them. Fuck everyone else. 

This week, Oxfam announced that a mere eight men now own more wealth than half of the entire world. No surprise, the rejoinder from the apologists for ponzi schemes, aka. The Economist was swift and damning, concluding that the Oxfam study is flawed, because a mere seven men own more wealth than half the world.

Step 1 to arriving at the right figure, exclude all of the "wealthy" Americans who are buried in debt, because they are lucky to be so poor. I didn't write this...

There are, for example, over 21m Americans with a combined wealth of minus $357bn. Only people with relatively good prospects, by global standards, can be so poor

No, you cannot make this shit up. No you can't. 

Therefore, in conclusion:
In valuing the poor’s wealth at $409bn, Oxfam also seems to have committed a rounding error. The figure should be just $384bn...For what it’s worth, $384bn is less than the wealth of the world’s seven richest men. There would be no need to squeeze Michael Bloomberg, the world’s eighth-richest person, into the minivan. That would leave room for the magnificent seven to stretch their legs.

Rule #1, always read to the end of the article wherein even the most bukkake journalists are legally obliged to give up their full retard assumptions and thereby admit that they are as corrupt and goddamned as the day is long. Regardless of how they try to slant the article at the behest of their corporate bitch masters. 

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