Friday, January 27, 2017

The Year Of The Hairless Monkey Just Ended. Today.

Hairless monkeys are in a constant state of self-delusion. This time ending exceptionally badly...

Tomorrow begins the year of the cock. What else?

This current bubble is one trend degree higher than 2008, large enough to con "everyone" this time...

Back when I still subscribed to EWI, literally and figuratively, Prechter said that turning points in this last bubble would likely be harder to identify in real-time, because it's one trend degree larger than 2008. And to be sure, it's been fun living in South Park all these years, but it all comes down to one's willingness to be conned by the same serial psychopaths for the third time in 15 years. For me it's not that much of a question.

Meanwhile, nothing is imploding faster than the corporate zombies and their game show hosts in leadership. The disposable batteries are being drained in real-time and there's not enough Prozac to paper over the latent psychosis embedded in the consumption-oriented fake lifestyle.   

In any case, what he meant was that Y2K and the Housing bubble were wave 'a', while this last bubble is wave 'b'. The prior two bubbles were both smaller than this current one... 

This can be seen for example in the consumer staples sector where the patterns are clearly the same, but the time to complete the pattern is longer this time...

In other words, all it takes to make hairless monkeys believe ANYTHING, is time.

Nasdaq 100 with Fed rate

Walmart with Consumption Sentimentality

Dollar Store

12 month job creation

Real GDP growth (excluding debt accumulation, in which case it would be negative)