Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Welcome To Level 11 Full Retard: World of The Demagogue

Trump is now going to rearrange Globalization to maximize jobs and profits at the same time. An inherently impossible task, but not for him and his deluded acolytes. 

Although I have to agree that it's better if they don't see it coming...

We've now reached level '11' on the full retard scale...anyone who writes anything to the contrary just proves their gold membership in the club. For example, Pat Buchanan: "Trump's Inaugural Address was Jacksonian".

No, it was charlatonian. Good enough to con aging exceptionalists desperate not to be swept into the shit can of history, to be true.

Welcome to level 11 on the jackass scale:

The end of rationality and sanity didn't happen overnight. Since the 2008 crash, both have been steadily eroded by ever dumber more desperate ideas. One after another after another. All put forth by the same failed charlatans who helped to create the housing bubble. The lamestream media were wholly complicit to the extent that they never questioned this inexorable slide down the slippery slope of asinine ideas. None of them ever had the veracity to just say "sorry, this just isn't going to work". Rationality and truth were wholesale abandoned years ago. Papered over with untold amounts of Prozac and reality TV. 

Why? Because we live in an aging society desperate to maintain the delusion of the status quo. At all costs. Too afraid to look in the mirror and see what time has wrought. Still pretending that the good times are rolling like never before. 

And therefore the rise of Trump was an inevitable manifestation of the lies that preceded him. And like all sociopaths, there is a method to his madness...

Among the many challenges Donald Trump’s presidency presents  — perhaps the gravest is to reasoned discourse and rational inquiry; to our ability to debate matters from a common base of facts, or even to agree that facts matter;

 The remarkable weekend performance by his press secretary, Sean Spicer, wherein he asserted what was plainly and verifiably false — that Trump’s inauguration had drawn the largest crowd in history — is a reminder of how grave the threat is

what separates Trump is not the sheer volume of falsehoods that pour forth from his mouth. It is that it does not seem to matter to him whether his audience believes them

“obvious lies serve a purpose for an administration. They watch who challenges them and who loyally repeats them.”

They are a way of testing allegiance, or indeed of cementing it