Saturday, January 14, 2017

Globalization: Clowns Playing God

The economics profession has failed humanity in the name of corporate profit. Today's fake wealth is measured solely in terms of how many people can be conned into believing in the impossible. At this late stage basically everyone...

The chasm between reality and fantasy has never been wider. The only suitable term to fit today's zeitgeist is 'pathetic'. Absolutely totally pathetic. As feeble as an old man lying to himself constantly in the old age home. 

Globalization represents mankind's last and greatest attempt to defy the immutable laws of nature and reality. Economists don't understand all of the problems thrown off by their vaunted system, because the majority of these "externalities" are not in their realm to judge. Globalization embeds all of the exact opposite properties of a sustainable way of life:

To be sure, there are critical aspects of this failed model that they should have acknowledged.

A true economy is inherently balanced. Globalization is inherently imbalanced. A true economy is based on supply and demand, not supply and debt. And a true economy is solvent, not insolvent. Minor differences for generation Madoff. Beyond all of that obvious fallibility, lies the human element, or in the case of globalization, the inhuman element. A true way of life is humane, not inhumane. It doesn't assume that the majority of humans will toil in endless poverty to stock the shelves at Walmart. It's scalable based on productivity, not based on infinite resources. It's quality of life over quantity of life - it doesn't assume inexorable population growth in the face of collapsing resources and burgeoning poverty. It's durable, not disposable. It doesn't assume products built to last only a few months that then spend an eternity in a landfill. It's healthy versus unhealthy and not predicated on junk food and junk culture to replace natural forms of sustenance. It's natural, not chemical, and doesn't require record pharmaceuticals to paper over its own latent psychosis. It's happy, not unhappy, and doesn't brainwash us into buying one more thing to achieve a higher level of dissatisfaction. It's responsible and not irresponsible. It doesn't expect future generations to pay for the profligacy of the current one. It doesn't conflate debt with GDP. It's intelligent, not unintelligent and doesn't require data massaging nor politicians to remind us of all of their imaginary accomplishments, as they rush out the door, handing the dunce cap to the next more oblivious clown that can be found.