Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Corporate-Assisted Suicide Is Rampant

"It's an epidemic playing out across America as prescription painkillers lead to addiction, and their price on the street often causes people to turn to heroin."

The corporate Matrix conveniently offers a wide array of ways to self-destruct: Financially, physically, mentally, but most commonly all three at the same time...

They charge you to get sick, and then they charge you to wake up. Depending on whether or not you can afford it...

Hospira, now owned by Pfizer, rose in price from less than $1 per milliliter vial in 2005 to more than $15 in 2014

But here's the problem, there is a new drug called carfentanil that is 100x more powerful than fentanyl.

And an even newer drug call W-18 also 100x more powerful than fentanyl, that has no known antidote.

Hence corporate-assisted suicide will soon be rampant.