Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"More Kool-Aid Please"

The world is falling apart while we are lied to constantly by proven charlatans and vacuous posers, desperately believed by a society living in the fetal position. Selling lies is big business...

Religion and modern PonziNomics exhibit the same characteristics - they both prey on abundant fear, and assiduously ignore reality:

Humans can rearrange their own behaviour, but they can't rearrange the natural world. 

Therefore religion and PonziNomics by Harvard are the ordering of human behaviour in complete defiance of the natural world

All to achieve the much sought-after illusion of control and human infallibility craved by comfort-seekers, megalomaniacs, and billunaires alike

It's a service provided for those who seek third grade answers to complex questions, gladly provided by charlatans who need to feel exalted

But unfortunately, it has a finite lifespan and no happy ending. Just shock and awe at the usual "unfairness" of God-given reality. 

Right before the committee to save the world became the committee to create the housing bubble, the Big Short, and the Big Bailout...


Right before Bernankenstein orchestrated what will be human history's Greatest Depression...