Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump-o-Nomics: Steal From The Ultra Poor. Give To The Ultra-Wealthy

What did his supporters think that a sociopathic billionaire would do - make THEM wealthy?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good one. Unfortunately, when this all implodes with extreme dislocation, they will discover he helped them become Third World peasants.

"Wait 'til you see what I bought this year. It cost me everything"

What Forrest Trump has done, in Econ 101 For Barely Lucid Fucktards terms, is he has crowded out global GDP with his proposed tax cut. Markets don't wait for inauguration day. And unfortunately, his new Goldman Sachs-appointed cabinet of 400 year-old industry whores doesn't possess the collective brain power to figure it all out. To them, the middle class and the rest of the world are just annoying distractions. 

Be that as it may, using the Global bond fund as a proxy, we can easily see both the combined interest rate and currency effects of Trump-o-Nomics has had on global demand: