Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WARNING: Trump Is Trying To Turn The Titanic

There were only two choices in this election: implode the status quo sooner, or later. So the choice was sooner...

To be fair to Trump, and I'll say this only once - he's smarter than the rest of the "establishment", including Obama, Clinton, Krugman, Bernankenstein, all of them. Which is saying next to nothing. However, he at least gets it that the status quo "free trade" paradigm has to end. 

And yet, he is doing EXACTLY what any demagogue at this very late stage of the "cycle" would do: attempt to thread the needle between the untenable status quo, and the other side of the deep, deep valley. In other words, he's becoming a fascist, which is ironic since that's what China has become over these past decades - a fascist state: 

"I was in Beijing a week ago, and at one point I said to an audience of government officials, it's going to be very interesting for you to work with an American leader who admires a lot of what you guys do," said Ian Bremmer, a closely watched political scientist and founder of consulting firm Eurasia Group."

"we're entering an era where I wouldn't be surprised to see the U.S. government being less shy about applying state power to achieve what it sees as the national interest," said John Minnich, senior Asia-Pacific analyst at consulting firm Stratfor.

And of course, for anyone with an IQ above 7, here is where the narrative goes into obligatory Twinkie-land, to assure everyone that the corporate-nominated elites have their best interest at heart:

"No one saw that happening for 25 years straight:"
"I think a lot of the long-standing assumptions have been undermined by what's happened in China. They're not becoming more liberal," 

These were very profitable "assumptions". Meaning they were lies told by corporate apologists, who turned a blind eye to the fact that China has been a Mercantilist nation this entire time. Following in Japan's footsteps. These economic 'liberals' never "thought" that China would ever change, they only pretended it would change, as long as they could get away with it.

And then along comes Trump to co-opt the "we're losing patience with China" bandwagon":

"We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing" 

Here are the profit margins for Apple (30%) and its main Chinese supplier (1.5%):

"They're raping our country"

 "When the United States tries to negotiate, they get undercut by companies that are inherently unpatriotic, because of their fiduciary responsibilities" to investors. "

It was always a "choice" between the Casino and the 'Conomy, and only history's biggest boatload of sociopathic morons still think it's a choice: