Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Globalization Is Run By Sociopaths

Today's fake billionaires are as corrupt as the industries they own...

Gates just called President Camacho, the new JFK...

Why? Because of "energy innovation". Which is a lot like Microsoft innovation - Sell an obsolete product to a market that has no other choice...

Drilling more holes in the ground is Microsoft "R&D":

"I will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy — including shale energy and clean coal — creating many millions of high-paying jobs."

To be fair, Bill Gates has never been that bright. Phenomenally lucky yes, smart, not so much. He bought DOS back in the late 70's from another Seattle company. And he conned IBM into giving DOS exclusive licensing for ALL PCs they sold. Which was without question the dumbest business decision in human history, and ultimately made Gates the richest man in world history. After that it was all downhill: Excel copied Lotus 123. Word copied WordPerfect. Windows copied the Apple Mac. Much of the other software got bought - Powerpoint, Internet Exploder, SQL*Server, stop me any time...

This is the same guy who said in 2014, that "By almost any measure the world is better than it has ever been".

That same year Oxfam warned that global wealth inequality had never been higher. And in that same annual letter, Gates also said: "By 2035, there will be no more poor countries". Why? Because world bank economists just keep lowering the definition of "poor". So that even someone living on $2/day is no longer poor. They've joined the middle class. This is the quality of our thought leadership today. It's total fucking corrupt shit. 

And were it not for the Wall Street bailouts and the subsequent global money printing, Microsoft would be worth a fraction of its traded value today. Gates as well. Nevertheless, he makes more money every three minutes than the average American family makes per year.

Which means that truly the world has never been a better place. For him. Fuck everyone else. 

What I am trying to say is that this can't all end until the de facto Idiocracy realizes they can no longer seek the counsel and "leadership" from ultra-corrupt billionaires patting each other on the back for their success in bankrupting everyone else. While telling themselves that there are no more poor people. How fucking stupid is this society anyways? Don't answer. 

Microsoft with Fed money printing and 0% economy:

Here's another bailed out Billunaire, running the world's largest hedge fund:

"We made it"

Buffett's largest holding: