Thursday, December 1, 2016

Freedom To Be Used Up And Thrown Away

No word is more bastardized than the term 'Freedom'. 

Freedom to be rich? Freedom to be poor? Freedom to exploit? Freedom to be exploited? Freedom to lie? Freedom to be lied to? Freedom to get bailed out? Freedom to be sued? Freedom to go bankrupt from medical bills?

How about freedom to work an entire lifetime and lose it all at the end in the Dow casino?

Boy-man Trudeau was roundly criticized for heaping faint praise on Fidel Castro last week. The criticisms are all the same, - he was a tyrant dictator who left his people impoverished.

In other words, the leader of a tiny island nation who overthrew a U.S. puppet dictator and then sustained 50+ years of U.S. embargoes which impoverished his people is a tyrant. 

What should he have become, a servile vassal state that allowed his nation to be plundered for fun and profit? Like all of the other American bitch states across the 'developed' world?

People who've been bilked multiple times by the exact same serial psychopaths would do well not to criticize the way of life of others until they look in the mirror and realize their 'freedom' is a well-cultivated illusion. And that their entire life was spent as an obedient corporate disposable battery, now nearing end of useful life.  

Castro will have the last laugh, because Cubans will be the least affected by what comes next. 

There are no 'winners' under Globalization. There are just arrogant dunces who think they're better than everyone else. And who don't possess the brain power to figure it all out. 


"Eight years after the taxpayer-led bailout, they let Goldman Sachs run their Treasury all over again. The first thing they did was privatize all of the previously bailed out companies"

"No way"

"Yes way, they were Terminal Idiocracy. To paraphrase George Orwell - a special breed of moron meant not to see it coming"

"After all, the housing bubble had finally recovered from a decade earlier. And their attention deficit didn't allow them to remember how it all happened..."

"So they were 'free' to get bent over the log all over again by their trusted corporate masters..."

"And then, there were none. And no one talked about 'free trade' ever again. The end"
"What happened to all of the human Twinkies?"
"They tried to move to Cuba"