Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hairless Monkeys Have To Stop Playing God

Getting waterboarded with humility will go 90% of the way to fixing mankind's problems. Because mankind is the problem...

In a nutshell, what the monkeys like about Globalization:

Cheap junk at Walmart

Cheap oil for massive SUVs driven 50 miles each way to work

Third World peons to mow lawns and clean houses

New military blunders to fix prior military blunders

Gambling in the Dow casino while the world falls apart

What the monkeys DON'T like about Globalization:

Part-time jobs at Walmart

Islamic radicals fighting back against cultural incursion from McDonald's, Hollywood, Disneyland and the rest of the S&P 500

Immigrants who steal jobs mowing lawns and cleaning houses

Foreign leaders who don't follow orders

Finding out they got conned again, by the exact same trusted advisors