Friday, December 30, 2016

Goodbye Ponzi World: We Hardly Knew Ya

By my modest estimation, all U.S. sectors have now rolled over. Here are some highlights...

But first, the Global Dow count:
Trump's election drove a manic blow-off top into what will very likely be global "recession" with zero fiscal/monetary safety net...

The U.S. is the last domino to fall of course, however, payrolls (red) with Paychex the payroll provider is a useful leading indicator:

This year, the Dow outperformed the S&P which outperformed the Nasdaq, so here is the Dow / S&P ratio:

Dow new highs:


U.S. Oil inventories ended the year at all time year-end highs:

The Lockheed Martin trade has rolled over...



Nvidia was the top performing S&P stock of the year, already down almost -10% off its highs in a week (not shown)




Google: One year to nowhere...

Johnson & Johnson

And Microsoft: Pinnacle of the Ponzi scheme...

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"Luck be my lady tonight"

S&P 500 On Balance Volume (red) with % of stocks above 200 dma: