Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fossil Fuels. Buried Deep.

The global balance of power, regional hegemony, and indeed the power structure within most countries is predicated upon the continued over-reliance on fossil fuels. Because that is what sustains the consumption-oriented status quo. And yet, it's an industry, staggered by poverty capital. A scenario unforeseen by Peak Oil realists and industry apologists alike...

Generation corruption is bringing the fox to the hen house:
"Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court broke up John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in 1911, the energy industry has been at loggerheads with the federal government. Now it is the government -- or may be if Exxon Mobil Corp. Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson is confirmed as President Donald Trump’s secretary of state."

“Donald Trump doesn’t want to drain the swamp, he wants to drill in it”

All across the oil patch, they’re figuratively uncorking the champagne bottles as Tillerson and other well-placed leaders and friends are proposed for top jobs. If confirmed, Rick Perry, former governor of oil-rich Texas, will run the Energy Department, which he once famously threatened to do away with and whose name he forgot in a 2012 Republican presidential primary debate"

Forrest Trump wants this mega-tool to run the branch of government he was going to abolish, if he could only remember the name of it...

These fossilized hegemons of the day are desperate to keep their party going, totally oblivious to the fact that like a 400 pound fat man, they are their own biggest problem.

Peak oil is of course a REALITY. However, 0% interest rates allowed TRILLIONS of dollars of capital to pull forward decades worth of production to the front month futures. In other words, in the Oil industry "supply" means how much oil is coming out of the ground, not how much oil is left in the ground. And unfortunately, that entire miscalculation doesn't factor in what happens at the end of the cycle amid mass bankruptcy and zero future investment. Oil buried a mile deep stays a mile deep. 

And the industry itself will be buried in the front month, when speculators realize no one is on the other side of the OPEC trade...


Total crude futures long positions

"Aw fuck, not this again!!!"

Oil bottoms toward the end of February ahead of the summer driving season...

U.S. Oil ETF