Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bad Santa: 2017 Will Begin With a Big Bang

Barring a miracle, the Santa rally failed to make Dow 20k in 2016. Leaving the market open to massive downside risk into the early New Year. You know, like last year. In summary, the jobless consumer, "beneficiary" of all free trade agreements, is ready to collapse...

Ponzi World is going out with a bang:
As more and more people realize there's nothing holding up this entire fraud, other than entitled jackasses throwing their life savings away while being monetized by Wall Street...

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Bad Santa
S&P with new 52 week highs:

% of S&P above 200 dma

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Breadth Oscillator (McClellan)

Regional Banks



The jobless consumer aka. "Amazon"

% Bullish aka. "Dow 20k or crash"

"Heads, I Win, Tails You Lose"

Hedging is far less than this time last year...
Index put/call ratio

This just in:
The ever-crafty Politburo has figured out a way to paper over a de facto competitive devaluation in the Yuan by saying they're expanding the currency index basket to reduce dollar exposure. Regardless of what lipstick they put on the pig, breaking of the all-important 7:1 level can't be far away...

EM Currency (black) with U.S. One year yield (red)