Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anything But The Truth

The truth is the enemy of mankind...

In the beginning, God created everything and then in an act of cruel irony created the hairless monkey. This wretched creature had NONE of the survival capabilities of every other species, except a slightly bigger brain. The "abandoned" humans were pissed off. So they created everything they needed to protect themselves from the rest of nature - houses, clothes, food, Walmart etc. And while they were at it they created their own God as well, since the one that created them had forsaken them to "nature". But, of course they couldn't agree on which version of their fake God to worship so they annihilated each other continuously while disagreeing on the shape and form of their fake God.

Next thing you know, they found a new world and met the Native Americans. White man said "where is your God". The natives said "we worship the one true God of nature". The white man recoiled - "you need to worship the God of man". So they laid out a deck of six thousand cards and said pick a God any God. And the natives said how do we know which one to pick? The white man was outraged at the "heathens" and they slaughtered them and took their land. 

Next, mankind created the corporation to harness the power of infinite profit growth on a finite planet. Labour was too expensive however, so they invented the Monsanto to double the human population in 40 years, while cutting the wildlife population in half. This essentially created free labour for unlimited profit. By that point a quarter of the world's population was living off of the slave labour provided by the other three quarters of the planet. And the finite planet was getting totally fucked up by the infinite profit growth, but since the humans didn't trust nature, they consulted the oracle of Exxon as to what to do about it. And the Exxon said, do nothing. And they believed their corporate masters who protected them from the laws of nature while using them up like human Twinkies. 

Eventually things got so bad that instead of changing their ways, they decided to build a rocket ship to Mars. Because the answer to fucking up one planet is always to find another one. Never mind that on a good day Mars is 10,000 times worse than Death Valley on a bad day. This was their corporate plan. 

And wouldn't you know, they trusted their corporate masters right to the very end. And then they realized it was their turn to make the quarter.