Monday, December 26, 2016

2017: Year of Atonement

Globalization was fueled by the worship of fake exceptionalism. 2016 was the year that exceptionalists doubled down on those bets - taking every opportunity to buy the de facto disintegration/deflation of the Globalized ponzi scheme. Hence, the theme of 2017 will be puking all of that back onto the linoleum...

"But, we're exceptional!!!"

Investor non-cash risk allocation with Global GDP growth:

First, the good news, those who have nothing left to lose, will lose nothing...logic always my strong point

Those who doubled down on the Dow casino will realize they bought nothing. And there is no one left who wants to buy nothing

Those who borrowed poverty capital to pretend they are wealthy, will find out they're the opposite

Oil will fall to $10 or less

The former "great powers" will realize their biggest problems are inside the country, not outside. 

The Middle East will return to the 8th century, where it belongs

Developed world leaders will go full David Cameron and quit en masse, when they realize their terms will not be extended photo-ops

Captains of industry running multinational corporations will realize they can't make money without buying in one locale and selling in another, hence they won't. 

The Old Age home will realize most of their entire lives has been a charade propagated by Faux News mannekins, like themselves

Donnie Trump will triple his Secret Service detail and even that may not be enough