Monday, November 14, 2016

A Special Purpose Burial Service

The Orangutan has unwittingly monkey hammered global markets, setting the dominoes in motion for global collapse, all while the willfully ignorant load up on "stocks"...

"Camacho Wins!!!" (loosely translated)

"Fuck Camacho and the Dow" (loosely translated)

Chinese Yuan (Rate of change):

Municipal Bonds just gave up a year of gains on mega volume:

The RepubliCon sweep of the White House and Congress is a rent-seeker's dream. Massive "Keynesian" stimulus programs derided as wasteful profligacy under Obama, have been "repurposed" to fill the coffers of RepubliCon benefactors. All handed to them on a silver platter by Limousine liberals so out of touch with reality that they only polled like-minded morons...

In less than a week, Trump has rolled America back to the 1950s: Dusting off the inherently insolvent Big Coal Industry, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex. Dumping Green Energy, Tech, Obamacare, Wall Street regulation, the Paris Treaty, and nascent rapprochement with Cuba - straight back to 1959. All of which is in the advanced stages of being "priced in" to markets. It's the Koch Brothers fantasy handbook of what to do in the event of total government control. 

CEOs and Billunaires grovelled at the orangutan's feet all week from Lloyd Blankfein, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett to name a few. One of the best performing stocks this week was the bailed out Fannie Mae, as hedge funds assume Trump will hand it over to them for massive profit...

Unfortunately, Trump is wholly oblivious to the fact that his John Wayne swaggering has monkey hammered China, Mexico, Emerging Markets, Global Bonds, and Global Currencies. Who cares? The Dow is at an all time high, so say the oblivious. 

Fortunately, bonds will stop selling off as soon as stocks begin cratering...

In other words, Trump is the circus clown too far, imposed upon a collapsing globalized world order that is no longer capable of taking on additional uber-dunces with ever-dumber ideas. 

He is "special purpose":

"George Orwell offered an excellent explanation for this phenomenon: as the imperial end-game approaches, it becomes a matter of self-preservation to breed a special-purpose ruling class—one that is incapable of understanding that the end-game is approaching" - License to Kill, Orlov